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BEST Op-Ed EVER: I’ve been a Democrat for 20 years. Here’s what I experienced at Trump’s rally in New Hampshire

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Only Bad News About Koughvid-19 is Allowed on YouTube. Good News Gets You INSTA-BANNED | If You Are Still Going Along With the Official MSM Koughvid Narrative, You Have Officially Gone Full-Blown Retard

  ONLY BAD NEWS IS ALLOWED ABOUT COVID, GOOD NEWS IS IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN(VIDEO) IF YOU STILL THINK THAT KOUGHVID-19 IS DANGEROUS & THAT WE NEED TO WEAR MASKS, YOU’VE GONE FULL-RETARD It’s one thing for the always despicable censor- happy YouTube to selectively promote and/or shadow-ban content that may go against whatever narratives they’ve been tasked with upholding. But it’s quite another for them to instantaneously ban a channel who made the mistake of honestly reporting on or discussing perfectly valid information about the “Koronavighrus” paridigm that might characterize the situation a bit differently(honestly & rationally) than YouTube might like. Very popular channels have have gotten quickly banned soon after expressing such honesty, despite have 0 strikes leadingup to that point and not having violated any guidelines to begin with. All because they pointed out that certain aspects of the mainstream narrative may have been a bit overblown? A lot of them didn’t even g